Friday, March 09, 2007

A new favorite sport!

So last night we tried a new idea we’d just read about. You put a piece of tissue paper on the pregnant woman’s belly and you can really detect every little movement. It was fascinating. When our cats sit on the window sill all day watching the birds we call it “television for cats”. When I lay on the bed watching a tissue paper on Su’s belly for an hour we call it “better than television!”

It was really fun! Then my mom called from Minnesota and I told her all about it. She had 7 babies so certainly experienced her share of kicking. When I told her about this fun new sport she perked up right away and said she had fond memories of our kicks too—she’d put her ashtray on her belly and watch it pop around. Ugh…

In her defense, they didn’t know then that smoking was harmful. I wonder if years from now people will marvel at the things we didn’t know. Like 20 years from now our kid saying "Moommm, I can’t believe you used to clean your ears out with Q-Tips when you were pregnant with me!” You never know ;-)

Anyway, to close today I want to include a link to a fun little spoof video called Greaser Babies. (As in "is the word, is the word..." Set in a day care center. My favorite is “You’re the Baby I Want!” Enjoy! –Monica

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