Friday, March 16, 2007

Bring it on! (The weekend that is)

Ah yes. Friday. What a wonderful word it is no? I guess that it wouldn’t make a very good baby name, but none the less, it makes me happy. This weekend Su and I have lots going on—buying a gift for a friend who is getting married soon, painting some furniture, getting more things for the nursery and also preparing for Su’s aunt and uncle from Europe to arrive. They’ll stay for a week and they are the best kind of visitors. They already know what they want to see, they can independently find their way to those things, and they are just overall very fun.

One wonderful thing they are doing is bringing the baptismal gown that all of the children on Susanne’s mom’s side have been baptized in for generations. It will be wonderful to see our child carry on, and enter into, that beautiful family tradition.

Having family visit won’t keep me from blogging much next week, but the week-long class and Project Management test I’ll be taking next week most likely will. So…if you don’t hear from us til next weekend, don’t worry. All is well. Hasta la vista! -Monica

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