Wednesday, August 08, 2007

But the Nationals won!

Since the game didn't start until 10:15 eastern time, we couldn’t really stay up late enough to see Barry Bonds break the home run record last night. And even though I feel a bit ambivalent about the whole controversy surrounding his achievement, I was mostly happy that despite the milestone homerun, the Nationals actually won the game. So they’ve won something like 7 out of their last 8. And it’s a little known fact that Danny is their good luck charm. He’s been to three games and the Nationals have won all three!

Here he is last Friday night with Screech when the Nationals beat the St. Louis Cardinals. Do you think that the Nationals might start paying us to come to their games instead of the other way around now maybe?

Oh, I guess you can see from my wife’s previous post I sort of messed up Danny’s height and weight stats. Well, I am an embellisher it’s true! But only because I get SO enthusiastic about things. Is that so wrong? I think not!

Last night our friend Jenn came to for dinner and unfortunately Danny got really cranky after being all smiley for her. He got his vaccinations on Monday and the information we got said that some babies are fussy for 1-3 days after the DPT. Our poor baby. All he wanted was to be carried on one of our shoulders and patted pretty firmly on the back. No sitting, nor shirking of the “patting” duties allowed. He was really crying like we’d not heard from him before and we did our best to comfort him until he finally fell asleep. (He also didn’t really sleep much at all during the day yesterday so perhaps he was overtired?)

He’s feeling better this morning which is great news. And poor Jenn, she thinks she made him crabby. Not true Jenn. Although you are a big Cleveland Indians fan ;-)

Have a great day everyone. -Monica

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