Thursday, August 30, 2007

What time is it Danny?

So we've been singing the song for weeks now...

"And the first one said to the little one then roll over, roll over"

Well about 10 minutes ago our little guy went from flat on his back to this very comfortable position. We didn't think he was ready for the big crib yet, but heck, he sure looks comfy. Time to get that bumper put on.

Just looking at this picture makes me think so much of my dad who passed away in 2002. If Poppy were here today, I know he'd be crowing,

"What time is it baby?" All together now family--"It's nap nap time!" Sleep tight buddy!! Love, your Moms


Jenni said...

has he grown since monday?

Kelly & Mikki & Our Little Honey said...

Good lord, he's adorable!!!!!!