Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Jeez!

So last week when the social worker came for her first of three home visits, Su and I had a lovely chat with her. She thought Danny was beautiful of course, and was amazed at how young he was. Apparently most of the adoptions and foster parent placements she does are with older kids. So our situation was a bit different than that. We definitely got a very good feeling that as long as I can get all the forms properly filled out and turned in, that we shouldn’t run into any surprises when the judge issues her final decree when Danny turns 6 months old. Then I’ll legally be his mom too which will be wonderful!

So here’s a funny story. After going over all the paperwork I’ll need to collect, we toured around the house so the social worker could I guess verify that we were not raising Danny in a falling down shack or anything. Su stayed with Danny while I began the tour.

She was genuinely impressed by some of the rooms and I, of course, began bragging about how handy and wonderful Susanne is with all that. In just about every room we entered I’d start with “well Susanne designed these built in bookshelves and built them out of MDF” or, “well Su tore out this wall in the kitchen and measured and tiled the floor and…” you get the picture.

The social worker was duly impressed and wondered aloud who had the green thumb, what with all the beautiful plants everywhere.

“That would be Susanne—she can make any thing grow….” On and on I blubbered.

Then noting our pretty well equipped kitchen she innocently asked “so who’s the cook in the family?”

“Well that would be Susanne….”

Oh jeez. By this time I was starting to get a little worried that maybe I (the prospective adoptive parent) wasn’t making too good of an impression. (Say…do I sound like Marge in Fargo when I say “Oh jeez”? I am from Minnesota after all. ;-)

I think the social worker sensed my concern because when I started to say that I really DID have some talents and skills and also helped A LOT with all of our home renovations, she smiled and said “from what I can tell here, it looks like you compliment each other perfectly!”

Whew… Good thing I don’t sweat the small things huh?

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Jenni said...

Monica, too funny! You do have many fine qualities, including your sense of humor and your love for your family, both very important for any parent to posess.