Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two beauties! (Or four?)

This weekend we had a wonderful visit with dear friend Erin and got to introduce 11 month Anna Grace and our Danny boy. Here everyone mugs for the camera. It was so fun to see Erin who I used to work with at Peace Corps headquarters, especially since she and her family have moved down to Florida. Hopefully they'll come back to DC soon.

Erin told me that her mom Joan actually logs in and reads our blog pretty regularly and so we wanted to send a special hello out to Joan. "HELLOOOOOO!!!!" Your granddaughter is precious by the way, and it seems like only yesterday she was Danny's size. They grow up so quickly don't they???

Speaking of Danny's size, he had his two month checkup and is now 10 lbs 11 oz. and 24 inches tall. I believe that the doctor used the word "perfect" several times as he examined him. We did have to endure the heartbreak of having Danny get his first vaccinations. Oh the look of shock and then pain on his face. He really wasn't himself most of the day although we gave him baby Tylenol as directed and I have to tell you, I really HATED seeing him hurting even though it was for a good cause.

I guess I don't understand how we can put a man on the moon but we can't find a way to innoculate children without stabbing them. There has got to be a better way. When I was a health volunteer in Guatemala years ago I adminsitered vaccines too and it just hurts my heart I tell you. Fortunately Danny seems to be back to his old smiley self this morning, but jeeezzz. Something very protective in me welled up yesterday.

But on to happier times. We also went to a very fun birthday party for a two year old at a regional park on Saturday. Over all it was a very good weekend and anniversary except for those $%*@# shots. Oh well. Better this than whooping cough or rotovirus right?

I've got tons going on at work this week so it's time to sign off. Hasta la vista. And Joan, thanks for reading our blog. Erin said you actually really ENJOY it, and that made us feel really happy! Ciao everybody! -Monica

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