Monday, August 20, 2007

Thanks Lucy!

Susanne and I have a friend named Lucy who is a very bright, reflective, and sweet woman who is just starting her senior year of college. We first came to know her about three years ago when she contacted a church group that I'd belonged to which was very supportive of gay Catholics and their families.

She'd "come out" to her family already and she'd hoped to find someone who could explain to her mom that everything was going to be okay. Unfortunately it doesn't really work like that. Her mom was going to have to go on a journey of sorts. In many ways a journey of grieving. Parents suffer the death of the dream of what they thought their child's life was going to be like. And it can hurt like hell.

Lucy and Susanne and I struck up an easy friendship with Lucy--e-mails and visits when she's home from school. She has intersting and deep thoughts about gender roles and society and culture. She thinks it's great that Susanne and I have created exactly the kind of family we wanted to have regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Lucy's doing great. Her mom seems to come up with these amazing comments that seem to show that slowly but surely she's accepting her daughter just as she is. And maybe even respecting her strength? I think so.

And last week she told us that she tells friends she has some really fun Lesbian Godmothers. Isn't that cool! Thanks Lucy. And like I told you before, you can just call us your Fairy Godmothers if you want.

Some conversations are just totally blogworthy right???? :-) -Monica