Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't be scared (nor scarred!)

Wow. Sorry I haven’t written in a bit. I am the project manager for two fairly large events that took place yesterday, and they’ve been keeping me really busy. But not too busy to log on and say hello!

Not only has work been crazy, we’ve been keeping really busy this summer with lots of visitors and activities. One thing we did recently was to go to this really great park called Watkins Regional Park in Upper Marlboro, MD for little two year old Max’s birthday party. It was great fun! Max has two dads who we know from our church. They both wonderful guys and tremendous parents--Max is a very lucky little guy. Actually there were 5 kids there who had gay parents which was really neat. What beautiful families all. This place was great too. It had a train ride, a nature walk (with real animals!) a carousel, mini golf, a great playground…totally awesome!

As you can see in this picture, Danny thought that maybe we should get off the carousel, but if we’d just snapped photos for another 10 seconds or so, you would have seen that he was suddenly really, really happy to go for a ride. Kids huh? I do call him “Morpheus” sometimes for his uncanny ability to go from smiling to grimacing to his “muy serio” look. What a kid!

Let’s see? What’s coming up? Go see grandma, have fun friends from MN and NY visit, have Danny baptized…yes, the fun never ends. My sister Mary and I are going to sing a duet for his big day and I can’t wait!

This morning a social worker visited us for the first time in regard to my petition to legally adopt Danny. It went very well, and we already have one preliminary court date for September before the judge. Danny will have to be 6 months old before the decree can be finalized so I’ll just do all of the papers etc...that they ask me for and we’ll hope for the best come November.

Alright. Back to number 11 on my list of 17 things to get done today. Onward and upward. (I always thought I was a human being, but lately I think I’m a human doing!) -Monica

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