Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miss me little mister?

We took a trip to visit grandma Ulli this weekend--Danny's first long car ride of, well, his life. (He did great by the way except for that hunger thing once in a while ;-)

I, sadly, had to fly back Monday to get back to this "earning our daily bread" thing, but Su and Danny are staying til Thursday when grandma will come back to DC with them. So...even though I HATE being away from my wonderful Susanne and baby, as you can see, Danny seems to be handling life at grandma's just fine. Is he a living doll or what?

Why do I get the sense he's not missing me? How can I compete with the buzzy bee and bright red lady bugs and that AMAZING ceiling fan???? See you soon sweeties!!!!!! Love you - Monica


Susanica said...

Of course we miss you, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

(this goes with your August 20 post, which I can't seem to comment on, but whatever)

:) Definitely.

Without internet at my apt and now that my phone is in two pieces, I'm incredibly technologically detached. Hopefully a longer email will follow once things settle down.