Monday, August 27, 2007

Hi Buddy!

Grown ups are so funny! They hang little toys above my head and think that I'll crack up. But seriously, aren't these little bears funny!!!!!

My moms and I had a fun weekend. We went to Baltimore and saw my friend Bailey and later we went to the aquarium and on Saturday we had a picnic! So even though we spent a long time in the car, it was okay because my mama made these really cool colorful sheets of paper with fun designs to hang up across from my carseat so I can see fun stuff all the time.

Oh, and our friends John and Andres and Tony came from out of town and we went to the Kennedy Center for the free Millenium Stage concert (there is a free show every night!) I LOVED the lights and colors and music, and my moms loved that the show was free!

Yes, life is great. Aren't these little bears funny???? -Danny


Jenni said...

Is it possible that he's getting even cuter?

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. Gosh, either that or we're getting to be better photographers ;-) Nah...
we think he's just getting cuter too! What a doll huh? Speaking of dolls...looking forward to seeing Oscarelli in a few short hours! -Monica