Friday, February 06, 2009

Acting up

I am humored this morning to learn that I am the Acting Director of a very large office in my fairly large federal agency today. I knew I'd be temporarily in charge of my small division because my director was going on an offsite and asked me if I wouldn't mind acting, but as it turns out just about all of the higher level managers I work with are there too.

So someone had the bright idea to name me as the acting director for the whole place although I really do think they should have asked me if I wanted to be. Oh well. This is perfect. When I was a kid I always heard stuff like "hey, who died and left you in charge?" Well it looks like my day has come.

Although this could be like when I first started teaching and coaching and suddenly I ended up with keys to practically every room at the school. I thought it meant I had power. I soon learned that all it meant was that everyone was constantly coming to me to ask me to let them into the auditorium or gym or whatever. Not powerful. Not even fun.

So in this next several hours what shall I do? There are so many things I could sign off on. Or I could send everyone home early just because I can. But, really what I'll do is pray that no e-mails or calls come from the highest level of the agency because if they want something, it's going to be on me to figure out how to get it to them.

Wow. Still not powerful. Still not fun. What was it that Woody Allen once said? "90% of life is just showing up?"

Have a great weekend everybody! I sure plan to if I can get through this day unscathed! -Monica

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