Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This pic says it all

Danny's grandma (aka Na Na) invited us to meet up with her in Florida for a few days to watch the space shuttle launch--something she'd always wanted to see. Turns out that the launch was delayed, but we all had a great time anyway. And she may try to go see it later this month since she's spending some time with friends for another week or so.

We went to wade in the ocean at Cocoa Beach, visited Sea World and saw Shamu the Killer Whale (who turns out to be very nice), went kayaking at a friend of grandma's, and also toured the Kennedy Space Center. For grandma's birthday we took her to a fun tiki bar/oyster place on the water that was favored by motorcyclists and one nice man let Danny sit on his big Harley. Danny was pretty darn impressed and kept yelling, "vrooom, vrooom!"

Here in this pic taken at the airport when we were leaving, Danny gave Mickey Mouse a big high five to thank him for the wonderful vacation. Grandma did even better though.She got hugs and big kisses. Over all on a scale of 1-10, Danny rated this vacation a 100!



Casey said...

That picture is great, Disney should totally use it on the cover of a brochure!

I'm glad you guys had a fun trip to FL and the weather was great for a vacation!

Casey said...

Blogger ate my first comment so I'll try again!

I said something about what a great shot that was and that Disney should use it on the cover of a brochure. It's perfect!

Erin said...

We missed you by just a few days! We were at Disney on Sat Feb 7th and in Cocoa on Sun Feb 8th visiting my dad (he's staying at my grandma's condo there for a few months -- my grandfather was stationed at Patrick AFB years ago). He was also bummed that the shuttle launch was delayed -- too funny! Glad you had fun!