Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrified enchantment

We recently had friends over and had a great time going around doing a "white elephant" gift exchange. One of the gifts was what I thought was a cute little children's toy that had flashing red lights and shuffled around the room flapping its wings. It looked somewhat like the toy above.

Danny was FASCINATED! He was so interested in it, and yet so very afraid. We'd never seen him act like this before.

When he was out of the room I hid it in the closet by our front door and we think he was pretty convinced that once everybody left for the evening, this scary demon was gone too.

But when I carried him downstairs the next morning, it was clear that he was very warily looking to see if it was where we'd had it on the floor during the gift exchange. Warily as in craning his neck around the corner and clinging to me with all his little might.

I think it's gonna be a while before that bad boy Pokemon comes out of the closet. If ever! Have a great day everybody. -Monica


Casey said...

Aww, that's sad that Danny's scared of the weirdo toy. We have a hand me down truck that makes all sorts of loud noises (we had to tape cardboard over the speaker and it's still too loud). Graham was terrified/fascinated of it for months before he got over the fear.

taraherrmann said...

Johanna is scared of ROBOTS...Liam is very into transformers right now and this has become a very big issue around here. we now have Robot spray AND Monster spray...mama spritzes the room before sleep to make sure all the bad things stay away!