Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guess Danny let go that Lego...

First of all, a million congratulations to our friends Mikki and Kelly on the birth of their son Connor! We are very much looking forward to meeting this cutie petutie this weekend! Welcome Connor!

So? Let's see? What else was I going to post about? Oh yes. My wonderful parenting skills. You see the other day I'd gotten Danny into his little footie PJs right after supper and for some reason he was giving us his little Mr. Crabbypants grimace and rubbing his ankle.

I thought it was kind of odd but figured he might have hurt it while tooling around, (also known as flinging himself around all of the objects he's thrown around the room--he's becoming a real tosser that Danny is).

Anyway, so I sat him down on the couch, just to see what was wrong and kiss his owie or something, when I noticed the oddest thing. He had a hard, rectangular shaped protuberance coming out of his ankle.

"Honey, you've got to see this!"

It was a LEGO! Specifically it was a blue lego. I'm still not sure how it got in there while I was changing him, but there it was. As I removed it I silently cursed myself for being such a clueless mom

Until I read a post today by one of my favorite bloggers Mom 101! She has two little girls and her youngest was born right around the time Danny was (I think that's why I came upon her blog because our babies were due around the same time.)

You see, Mom 1o1 wrote the funniest dang thing ever on her post where she discovered that her unhappy little camper trying to sleep in her crib actually had a shoe (this is an actual picture of it) inside of her sleeper right around her butt in the back.

I'm still laughing!

And I know it's all relative, but I just don't feel like such a bad mom anymore. Thanks Mom 101. You're the best. At making me feel like better about myself! -Monica


Mom101 said...

No, YOU'RE the best! The more of us out there exposing how totally clueless we are, the lower the standards can be. It's all part of my evil master plan.

And how cute is your description of each other? Don't make me go "awwww..."

Casey said...

That's hilarious. I've put my kid to bed with one of her brother's socks in the foot of her pajamas (it must have gotten stuck in there in the dryer). That one took awhile to figure out...

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

When my neice was about five years old, she insisted on going to the bathroom by herself at a restaurant. When she came out, she walked back to our big table and stated "I felt something in my pants, reached in, and guess what?" As her whole family looked on in surprise, she proudly declared, "It was another pair of underwear!" And then she held them high above her head for all of us to view. Every person seated near us joined us in hysterical laughter.

This same neice is now 20 years old and can finally laugh about it too!