Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Through the ears of a child

Danny doesn't watch too much TV--just a few favorite fairly new shows like Thomas the Train and High Five which he really loves.

But last week on our vacation we turned the set on in the morning a few times at the hotel and saw lots of the old cartoons on cable I remember from when I was growing up. You know, Huckleberry Hound, Donald Duck...stuff like that.

As I was laying there with my eyes closed it suddenly dawned on me that all of the voices of the cartoon characters sounded very familiar to me. It wasn't my memory of watching the rabbit ears black and white TV with my brothers and sisters years ago, it ws actually the memory of hanging out with some fun friends as an adult.

You see, as a gay couple we have lots of gay friends. And some of our gay guy friends are, how can I say this? Not very butch. In fact, they sound a lot like my favorite cartoon characters from years gone by.

For some reason this makes me smile. Thaaaat's all folks! -Monica

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