Monday, February 23, 2009

Day and other light

About 10 years ago my friend Sue M. made me this beautiful stained glass that hangs in the front window of our home. The reason I've always loved it so much is that she told me that the white space on the right was actually vacant because with stained glass it's really good karma to leave a place for God to shine through when you need him/her most.

I found out years later that Sue M. has the gift of blarney. It was vacant, she confided to me, because she sort of messed up when she was making it and the peice fell out.

Funny thing is, I still believe in my heart it is indeed that space for God to shine through. Maybe because I've felt it so many times? Like God would really need an opening right?

Anyway, my Su (Susanne) took a picture of it last week and I thought it would look pretty here. Have a wonderful day everybody. And if you've got something that isn't perfect, think about the possibilities! -Monica

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