Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a thought

I was just thinking about those cardboard cutouts that people love to stand next to so that they can pretend they met the "real" famous person. Like this pic of the President and the man who is not the President. (I don't know who those tourists are--just found them on the internet)

Anyway, you see, here's my clever plan. When we stayed in a hotel on our recent vacation, when Danny would wake up in the morning, he'd pop his head out of his "pack and play" and spot us dozing. Then he'd sink back down and play quietly by himself for a while. It was very cute and we don't think he ever noticed we could see him through our barely opened eyes.

But at home, when he wakes up in his own room he doesn't see us and feels compelled to start squawking "mom"? "mom"? After a little while of this he generally starts crying. That is no fun for any of us.

So I'm thinking if he woke up and "saw" us (or two cardboard cutouts of us) he'd contentedly play for hours.

I think.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about this, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden should get cutouts of themselves for the next time they have to sit behind the President for an hour like in last night's speech. That must be so much pressure to look engaged and interested at all times. At least with this administation, they are. Did you see how happy House Speaker Pelosi looked last night compared to when she had to sit though our former President's State of the Union Address?

But now that I'm thinking about it, do they make cardboard cutouts that jump up and clap? Hmmmm....back to the drawing board! -Monica


Melissa said...

Monica - Poppy would probably be amused to know that the most popular brand of life-size, cardboard cutouts is called "Fatheads." -Missy-

Susanica said...

Hi Melissa. I was just thinking of him this morning. Fatheads huh? As in "little fat heads? ;-) So true! Love you sweetie. -Auntie Monica