Monday, February 09, 2009

The Return of Son of Susanica

Today is a happy day for us because it's Danny's first day back with his much adored Jenni! When I dropped him off this morning he was thrilled to be back with his little playmate Oscar and the feeling seemed mutual.

Jenni took care of Danny during the day for most of his young life and after taking time off to give birth to beautiful son #2 Miles, we are all thilled that it's time for Danny to get back to her.

On her blog you'll see that she refers to Danny as "Son of Susanica" on her sidebar list of "Who's Who". Always cracked me up ;-)

Hope you all have a fun day today! Hasta la vista baby! -Monica!


Casey said...

I saw that Danny was back on Jenni's blog, congrats! I didn't know he was headed back over there after Miles came but I'm sure they're glad to have their buddy back.

Jenni said...

we're glad he's back too!