Monday, April 21, 2008

BFF Ginni (Best Folder Forever)

I like to believe I’m an organized and efficient person who, at all times, can lay my hands on important documents, e-mails and project plans. I’ve even got a credential that says that I’m a Project Management Professional, which again, should mean that I’m VERY organized. So…it’s with a bit of embarrassment that I would like to introduce you to an e-mail folder named Ginni.

You see I had a very nice boss a few years ago (yes, Ginni) who has since retired. Back in the day, Ginni cc’d me on so much stuff that I decided to just name one folder Ginni and dump all those e-mails in there.

You’d think that with her long ago retirement that the Ginni folder would be retired too, but no. That folder—the “Ginni” Folder—has stayed, and in fact, in an odd way, has become one of my closest friends. Whenever I’m uncertain as to what to do when purging my inbox I find that I automatically move things into the “Ginni” Folder. I’m pretty sure that this is NOT a best practice.

Ironically I still get e-mails from Ginni once in a while. And where do you think I file them? That’s right. In my “Personal” Folder. That is irony right? -Monica

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