Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do foul balls hurt moms? I think I see one coming now...

Hello dear readers. I just realized that I conveniently forgot to mention that Danny's winning streak with the Washington Nationals came to a sad end a week or two ago when we went to our first game in the new stadium. The Nats were trounced 10-1 on a cold and dismal afternoon but Danny had a great time.

Except when the crowd roared.

Which happened every time a big play happened.

The National's one run would have been manageable, but all those Atlanta home runs etc... made the crowd go wild. Which made Danny screw up his little face and cry. Fortunately we were very close to a concourse and could step into a quiet space with him pretty easily. I try to think back to when I was a kid if the change from quiet to sudden applause or loud sounds would scare me. I guess I can't really remember. He'll get used to this as time goes by. What if we all burst out crying whenever a crowd applauded? That would be something to see huh?

We have another game on Friday night and can't wait. It's too bad that the start times for the evening games are so late though. 7:30 is not that far away from his usual bedtime so we're guessing that we won't make it to the end or we'll find a relatively quiet place where he'll sleep on one of us. The commute is great though. One block from the stadium we catch a train that brings us right near our house without having to change again. Very cool.

Doesn't he look so grow up? And keeping an eye out for us too. You're still our charm little man! -Monica


Jenni said...

that's interesting about the crowd roaring upsetting him, because the dogs barking have been upsetting him all week - he usally laughs when they bark. perhaps the little guy is getting more sensitive.

Bugaloo said...

Oh, I remember very clearly when we brought Alice to my niece Valerie's Holiday Show -- all sorts of big songs from musicals and shows (including "Seasons of Love" from Rent, my first introduction to that soundtrack) Everytime the crowd burst out Alice SCREAMED. And her little body just went totally tense. She was lots younger than Danny, but nonetheless, I remember...A