Friday, April 11, 2008

A shout out to Erin's Mom (hi Joan!)

My dear friend Erin was in town this week with her beautiful 18 month old daughter, and as soon as I download some photos I'll show our clever tykes getting along oh so well in "Dannyland" (that's what we call the area of our living room that has the alphabet mat.)

Anyway, Joan, I know you've always loved keeping up with the exploits of little Danny via our blog but I understand that things are getting a little tougher for you now as your illness seems to be progressing. So, three things.

1. We are so glad to hear that you and Erin's dad have moved back to the area and are closer to family.

2. You have the most wonderful children and grandchildren, and if they'd a had blogs back when you were raising those kids I would have stolen every nugget of wisdom you'd have written. Great job!

3. Danny would love to come visit you when you are feeling better and it looks like Erin will help coordinate that at some point. We find he's very theraputic for all that ails ya. (Isn't that true for all little kids?)

Alrighty then. Here's a picture of him from a few weeks ago keeping an eye on me, just like I know everyone in your family is keeping an eye on you. Just to clarify, we werent driving, just waiting in the car for a while. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend okay? Hope to see you soon. -Monica (and Susanne and Danny)

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Erin said...

Hey Monica! Thanks so much for the post -- we were very touched :-) It was so great to see you and Danny (sorry we missed you, Susanne!) and hope to see you all again soon. E