Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deep thought for the day

Our little Danny bears a resemblence to Susanne’s mom especially across his eyes. (Let's just say that some times he gives me these looks that REALLY remind me of how my mother-in-law looks at me ;-) It's all good by the way.

But anyway, since we have a toddler age photo of Danny’s biological male donor in our possession, we can see some similarities between the two of them in terms of coloring etc…but clearly Danny definitely has a good bit of Su’s look in him and, again, Su’s mom’s eyes.

Which leads me to my deep thought. If through the generations, babies are born with such strong similarities to biological family members, does that mean that 50, 100, 500 years or more ago, there were people walking the face of this earth who looked pretty much just like we do now? (Or I guess I should say that we look just like them now?)

Their lives would have been so incredibly different, but their faces must have been so, so similar to what we see when we spot our own reflections in the mirror. That’s kind of cool.

Once while visiting Ireland I saw a man on a street in Dublin who made me stop in my tracks. He was the SPITTING IMAGE of my brother Paul. Same, build, same gait, same mannerisms, same hair, everything. It was only when I got closer to him and heard him speak that I could shake the feeling that Paul had not somehow come to surprise me (that was actually not even close to possible, but I still was in a complete state of incredulousness I couldn't rule it out.) So, since my biological family's lineage is from Ireland perhaps this guy was a long lost relative? Who knows?

I guess I just wonder if one day long ago in Germany or Estonia, where Su’s family is from, a little boy who was Danny’s spitting image sat by a fire and clapped his hands the same way Danny Boy does now, and melted everyone’s hearts with his antics.

And will one day, generations from now, some other lucky parents get to raise a child who will carry on the magic that is Danny? Deep, deep thought.

P.S. This is just a random photo from internet of relatives showing off a family resemblance.
P.P.S. Where in the heck do you think that the phrase "spitting image" came from?

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