Friday, April 04, 2008

Key word fun

Happy Friday everyone. As you may have noticed, there is a little icon on the lower right side of our blog page called a "Stat Counter" . It's a free add on that Susanne put on our site when we first started it, and it's pretty fun to check out once in a while. We can see all kinds of stuff--how many people visited our blog, info on where they came from, IP addresses, etc...

It's often fun to guess stuff like "look, Vermont! Must be Raquel." Or, "look honey, a visitor from Australia. Do you think it's Kitze and Priya? Or maybe Lisa E?" You know stuff like that.

But another thing you can check out is the "key words" that people put in to a search engine that land them on your blog page.

Just for fun I took a peek at that statistic today and was interested to learn that yesterday two strangers, one from the Ukraine and one from Fort Meyers, Florida landed on our site because they put in respectively the following key words - "sclera therapy" and "spiderlike veins."

You see back on July 25th I'd written this post on going to see my dermatologist about some spider veins. How could I have ever known that the post would lead so many to our site? Why do I find this all mildly depressing?

I'll have to insert some more interesting words in to future posts. Can't think of any just yet.

But speaking of words, I once heard Alan Alda being interviewed on the radio and he told a story about when he was Hawkey Peirce on MASH on the '70s the writers tried to insert the word "virgin" into a script and the censors made them take it out. He thought it was rediculous as did the script writers. So on the very next show they sneaked this line in for him...

"We've got a young seargent here whose got some injuries. Says on his paperwork he's from the Virgin Islands."

Ha ha. You gotta agree that's pretty funny right? Have a good weekend everybody. -Monica

P.S. If you hover over the number on our stat counter and click it takes you to the stat counter site where you can figure out how to add one to your own blog if you want. It's fun!

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Swistle said...

One of my top search terms is "gifts for as*holes." Another of my top search terms is about removing car seat covers, since I did a frustrated post on that a long time ago.