Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Odd as it may seem, even though I just blogged yesterday about it being my dad's birthday, today is actually my mom's special day. Fortunately she is alive and well and living in MN, so I don't have any eulogy to share. Whew. But maybe we should hear more praise when we are alive. So, okay mom, here are a few words I'm going to throw out there to describe you. Loving, beautiful, funny, clever, open-minded and...what's that word?...wonderful. But I am biased as you know. Mom, I hope you have a lovely, fabulous birthday today. We love you.

But speaking of moms and dads, I must share that our 10 month old son, the child of two lesbian women, has decided that his first and loudest sounds will be a repetition of "DA DA DA DA DA DA!" I was telling Susanne that it almost makes me wish I were his dad. He'd so clearly be calling for me all the time!

We keep trying to get him to say "MA MA MA MA MA MA" which we know he can do, but he prefers DADA.

It's okay. He seems to know that Susanne is mama--at least he looks at her when we ask (in English or German) "where's mama?". I'm mommy, but mostly Su and I just call each other "mom" around him. This works fine until people sometimes hear Su say something like "mom, can you get me a diaper" or something like that and people assume that I'm Su's mom. Yes, I'm older. Yes, I have more gray hair. And yes, it doesn't dawn on everybody that we are a couple so they are just trying to make sense of what they are observing. (Two women who clearly adore this cutie pie shopping, traveling, whatever with him.)

But I'm not bitter about this. Well, I might be a little bitter because I don't assume I'll look younger over time. Okay, I'm over it. Not bitter anymore. Well maybe a teeny bit bitter...

Alrighty then. Back to the daily grind. Why does saying that always make me want to go get a cup of coffee???? Not too bitter of course ;-) -Monica

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elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

Hi Pep! I got your comment on my blog and it was really nice to hear from you. I feel like I'm spying on you from Australia by reading a bit about your life at home. Amy Brenengen put the link to your site on her blog (blogger madness here) and it was so helpful to read about you and Susanne and your first few months of pregnancy. When I was still in the not-telling-people-phase and feeling like a zombie, I took comfort in reading about Susanne's morning sickness and general tiredness. I didn't feel quite so alone.
I'm really happy for the two of you and for your baby boy! Well, almost toddler boy! You sound really happy and very much at ease. What a great time in life.
Oh, and by the way...

Darn kids!

Now I have to type the word "zfheuh" so that this can actually become a visible comment. I think the dictionary should make up definitions for these random words.