Thursday, April 17, 2008

A blink of an eye...

Greetings all. I just returned from a short business trip that ran from Sunday until Wednesday, and I have to tell you--my little baby just morphed from a "curious, tentative little scoocher" into a "full steam ahead crawling MACHINE". He's got the cutest little "crab" shuffle (I promise I'll post pictures soon) and he literally zooms from room to room with no fear whatsover. (Thank you Susanne for being in charge of everything for so long. I promise I'll make it up to you!)

Anyway, yesterday he discovered the wire to a speaker that ran under our living room radiator. It no longer does (we made that change happen, not him.) He later found a power cord in the dining room wall which he decided was quite useful to start pulling himself up. We also put a stop to that fun.

Ah food. Maybe we should invent kibbles for babies? I don't believe he's actually gotten a taste of that yummy IAMS yet, but he's working on it. Sheessshhh. I was gone three day. Just three days.

There are other changes too. Not one, not two, not three, but four little white teeth popping out of his upper gums. And when you hold him in your arms to give him a bottle instead of snuggling in, he will lull you into a relaxed state and then without a moments notice decide it's time to show off his abs of steel. He executes a perfect 90 degree sit up that you never saw coming. This does not lend itself to settling down for nap nap nor night night time. may sound like I find all of this distressing? Well, I will admit on some level I'm anxious that he will get hurt. That no matter how well we childproof and do all the right things he'll get hurt. And I remind myself that we all fall down when we are learning.

Then I think about how much more careful we must be from now on. No more rubber bands from the newpapers or twisty ties that the cats love to play with laying around. Then I remind myself that we can do this. We must do this.

We're teaching him as best you can teach a 10 month old. And we're making the safest environment we can. Another thing of course we want to do is keep him safe from the sun. So while on travel I picked up a little boys sun hat for him. We put it on him this morning and I kept thinking he reminded me of someone. Hmmmmm...who....????

Oh God. He looked a little bit like Blossom. Ummm...nothing against Blossom, but I think we'll stick with baseball caps for Danny from now on ;-) Have a great day everybody. Can't wait to go home and play defense! -Monica

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