Saturday, April 26, 2008

Note to self: It's not an inhaler

As Susanne once aptly put it, our roles in terms of caring for Danny can be boiled down to this basic generalization; she's in charge of what goes into him, and I'm in charge of what comes out. This means she plans for, does most of the shopping for and cooks almost everything he eats. All I have to do is monitor the diaper situation and keep him high and dry. Sounds like I got the easy part right?

Well that would be true, if only I didn't keep forgetting that now that he's almost completely weaned and eating regular food, he doesn't really smell like a rose anymore (if you get what I'm saying.)

But for some reason whenever I think it's time to take a whiff to ascertain whether he needs a new diaper, I always hold him up and inhale way too deeply. "Ah yes--his bum is not an inhaler. (And truth be told, I could probably tell by just holding him up an arms length from my face.)

As you'll probably agree, there is no compelling need to add a photo to this particular post ;-)

Have a great day everybody! -M

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Anonymous said...

I do care, I just do so silently!