Monday, April 21, 2008

Soggy yet fun weekend!

Wow, did we get some rain this weekend here in DC. In fact, it's still sort of coming down for the third straight day. It's always nice to get rain, but maybe in smaller doses?

This weekend Danny had a wonderful time at little Bailey's first birthday party! He got a little scared of the roar of tons of singing and clapping friends and relatives singing happy birthday (especially Karen's cool version) but Bailey loved it. She dug into her cake and although I don't have pictures to post yet, she sort of waved her cake blanketed hand at the crowd with a look that said "talk to the hand people!" It was all very fun and M&K you threw a great party--your Bailey is a riot.

Then on Sunday we had a fun lunch at Panera's with a woman who we've gotten to know via the blogosphere. We knew Renee lived somewhere in the DC area so we had written back and forth a few times and decided to grab lunch somewhere in between our two cities. It was really interesting to meet someone who in many respects is a stranger but through blogging we seemed to already know so much about each other's lives. Danny really enjoyed meeting Renee as she was happy to share her bread which really made him smile (all six teeth worth). It turns out that Su and Renee both knew some people in common because when Su did her social work practicu a few years ago, it was at a place that Renee is now connected to. Small world huh?

Oh, and I've decided I have to get back on weight watchers because Renee inspired me! I'd lost 18 pounds about a year ago (and unfortunatlely found it again) but Renee had far more success and shared a "before" picture that was amazing. So Renee, thanks for inspring me. And all three of us hope that the weeks and months to come for you will be postive and wonderful. We look forward to seeing you again too.

Alrighty then. I guess I'd best get back to that thing they pay me for. Right. My job. Have a great day everybody! -Monica


R said...

OH thank you!! I had a great time. I will share my bread with the cutie pie anytime!! It was such a pleasure to meet ya. I hope we can do it again sometime soon. I"m on South Beach now, getting my jump start and then back to Weight watchers for whatever weight is left to lose :)
Keep me posted!!!

Susanica said...

Great. We look forward to catching up with you again soon so we can compare our weight loss projects. Hope you have a fabulous day Renee! -M (&S&D)